Classroom3® (Classroom Cubed) is a unique program developed by JTM Concepts, Inc. (JTM). Classroom3® promotes the use of 3D applications to enhance the learning experience by providing the students with a clear and complete visualization of difficult concepts/subject matter. Teachers benefit by having access to a technologically advanced, fully-interactive, class enhancement, which will grab and retain the students attention creating a more conducive learning environment for all students.

Effective use of 3D in the classroom is unfortunately still in its infancy. However, JTM pioneered the use of 3D simulations as an educational tool, is at the forefront of this technology, and has completed a series of studies that proves the effectiveness of this new approach to education.

JTM has been creating 3D educational content and conducting research for over ten years. Throughout this time, the 3D industry has changed in many ways. New hardware manufacturers have entered the market and components such as 3D capable, single projectors have become more affordable, especially at the school level. JTM has successfully maneuvered through these changes and as a result has a reliable, solid product that is more complete than any other content available today.

Why Educate Using 3D Tools?

Educational content in 3D provides a clearer understanding of difficult concepts. Children have come out of the classes excited and wanting to see more. Students have commented that the Classroom3® content is better than video games because it is “real life”. They have even asked for various subjects to be shown in 3D because they know how this technology will help them gain a better understanding of difficult subjects. Clearly, utilizing 3D technology in the classroom is effective at gaining the students’ attention.