3D Educational Content

JTM’s 3D educational product is called Classroom3®, which is a library of 3D educational content and is accessed through a Lesson Planner interface. JTM’s Classroom3® product is designed to provide a convenient resource for teachers where they can create lesson plans and access the simulations, assessments, and other resources in the library. Classroom3® has a proven track record for increasing educational effectiveness, which is shown in the research conducted in conjunction with the Rock Island-Milan School District.

All of the Classroom3® content is interactive, which provides the teacher full control over what is being shown on the screen. Interactive content allows for greater flexibility and encourages active learning as opposed to passive learning, which is received through videos.

The simulations range from simple topics to complete units on complex concepts. The simulations provide complete information on each topic and can be used in its entirety or certain aspects of the simulation can be isolated. In addition, most of the content is aligned to the Illinois Curriculum Standards and it is planned that in the near future, all of our content will be aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

Classroom3® will provide the following:

  • An enhanced learning environment for all students
  • A unique teaching tool to be used by any and all instructors/teachers
  • A means to simplify complex concepts and subject matter resulting in increased
    comprehension by each student
  • Increased retention of the subject matter
  • The ability to assemble and disassemble objects, real-time, within the 3D realm